Registered Practical Nurses Pledge for Change


The RPNAO Board of Directors have made a Change Day Ontario pledge to tell 3 people by November 17 how we have used our nursing knowledge and skill to make a difference in someone’s life.  We think that the best way to help people to understand the RPN role better is to give them real life examples from our own practice. 

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Giving elderly patients back their voice


The staff at St. Michael's Hospital have taken on the Change Day movement with inspiring enthusiasm. In honour of National Seniors Day today, we spoke to Jeena Parmar, an OT/PT assistant in Cardiology who's worked at St. Michael's Hospital for 11 years. Her pledge for change will give elderly patients the ability to take ownership of their own health-care goals.

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Change Day Ontario: The Difference is You


To improve any health care system change must occur. Change can be incremental or dramatic, but without it we cannot improve the quality of the health care system in Ontario or the health of those who live here. Individuals and teams who work within the health care system must feel empowered to make changes that can make a difference. So today we are asking you: what would you change?

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