Samantha's inspiring road to becoming a Registered Nurse


Samantha Sinopoli was born with a lot of, what society would call, problems, but she likes to think of them as awesome differences. SickKids was her second home, with the staff there becoming her second family. Samantha became a Registered Nurse to be the positive impact that the doctors, nurses, and surgeons had on her, for someone else. Read more about her story and her pledge.

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Building Momentum for Quality Improvement at Kensington Health


The team at Kensington Health is proud to be involved in an initiative like Change Day. They truly believe that no matter the size of your organization, every little change can help to collectively improve compassionate quality health care. Read more about what they're doing to encourage their team to be agents of change.

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A Day In The Life of a Personal Support Worker


Joanne Dykeman followed in the footsteps of Personal Support Worker Angela Miller and was speechless about the experience. Joanne was able to deepen her understanding of what a PSW does and express her deep appreciation and respect for them.

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WellFort's Change Day Journey from 2014-Today!


The team at WellFort has been involved with the Change Day movement since it's inception in 2014. Over the years, they've seen an incredible amount of engagement, energy, and enthusiasm towards change! They view pledging as important because it allows us to commit to taking one action that will ultimately improve the patient's’ experiences.

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Clerks at The Ottawa Hospital take on #HelloMyNameIs


Staff at The Ottawa Hospital work hard to give patients the same type of care that we would want for our loved ones. They firmly believe a smile and a “Hello my name is…” is a key first step when meeting people. Members have now formalized their commitment to this by making this their pledge for Change Day Ontario.

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YorkU Nursing Students Pledge for Change


At the School of Nursing at York University, approximately 500 senior nursing students were given the assignment to critically analyze a nursing issue and were encouraged to tie their projects to the Change Day Ontario initiative. Students researched and analyzed issues, and then created a change initiative/pledge on how they would begin to address the issue.

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Join our Twitter Party at #ChangeDayON!


Next Friday (Nov. 17) at 12:15 pm we will be hosting a celebration and a discussion on Twitter to acknowledge your involvement in what has become a global social movement to help improve the experience of health care for patients and providers alike. Join Dr. Joshua Tepper and Gail Paech next Friday at 12:15 PM at #ChangeDayON to celebrate the achievements of Change Day Ontario and provide feedback.

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Ontario MD Pledges for Change


OntarioMD is fully supporting and participating in the Change Day Ontario movement! Dr. Darren Larsen has been a champion of the movement, involving his team at OntarioMD by creating captivating videos and encouraging individuals to pledge for change.

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Shedding a positive light on care


The Regional team at Sienna Care Communities has pledged to spread positive gossip to shed a light on acts of kindness that occur in care communities each and every day. By highlighting these acts, they believe that they can encourage more kindness, increasing pride and satisfaction amongst team members, residents, families, and visitors.

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Registered Practical Nurses Pledge for Change


The RPNAO Board of Directors have made a Change Day Ontario pledge to tell 3 people by November 17 how we have used our nursing knowledge and skill to make a difference in someone’s life.  We think that the best way to help people to understand the RPN role better is to give them real life examples from our own practice. 

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Giving elderly patients back their voice


The staff at St. Michael's Hospital have taken on the Change Day movement with inspiring enthusiasm. In honour of National Seniors Day today, we spoke to Jeena Parmar, an OT/PT assistant in Cardiology who's worked at St. Michael's Hospital for 11 years. Her pledge for change will give elderly patients the ability to take ownership of their own health-care goals.

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