About Health Quality Ontario

Health Quality Ontario is the provincial advisor on the quality of health care. With the goal of excellent care for all Ontarians, Health Quality Ontario reports to the public on how the system is performing, develops standards for what quality care looks like, evaluates the effectiveness of new health care technologies and services, and promotes quality improvement aimed at substantial and sustainable positive change. Visit www.hqontario.ca for more information.

Why HQO is co-sponsoring Change Day Ontario

Health Quality Ontario is co-sponsoring Change Day Ontario because it is an initiative that promotes a culture of quality across the health system, helps build capacity for improvement, and creates a positive dialogue around quality in a large networked community of people who are passionate about delivering better care. These are all features of a high-quality health care system as set out in Quality Matters, a call to action for advancing quality in our health care system. You can read that report here and consider how you can help put quality at the centre of our health care system.

About Associated Medical Services

Associated Medical Services (AMS) is small Canadian Charitable Foundation with an impressive history as a catalyst for change in Canadian healthcare by making strategic investments and working with healthcare educators and providers to nurture and sustain the Canadian healthcare system. For 80 years, AMS has had a profound impact on the healthcare of Canadians through its support of history of medicine, the education of healthcare professionals and addressing critical issues that impact on healthcare work environments. Recently AMS initiated the, Phoenix Project based on the premise that healthcare professionals provide the best care when they are able to balance human compassion with technical expertise. Learn more at www.ams-inc.on.ca

Why AMS is co-sponsoring Change Day Ontario

Associated Medical Services is co-sponsoring Change Day Ontario because it is a province-wide initiative that supports and recognizes the important contributions healthcare providers make every day to ensure compassionate quality care. Healthcare providers are the backbone of the healthcare system and they know what changes will make the difference to patient care and to their work environments. Change Day empowers individuals and teams to take action and make a difference that’s important to them to improve compassionate quality care.

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