Creating a culture of person-centred care is a priority for our new network between Providence Healthcare, St. Joseph’s Health Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital. That is why for Change Day Ontario, we created a pledge to partner with our patients, families and community to create a culture of person-centred care.

This pledge came out of consultations for our first network strategic plan – we heard that patient and family engagement and person-centred care are key areas of importance for our staff, physicians, patients, families and community partners.

To build on that, in November, we brought together our corporate and clinical leadership with our board, patient, family and community advisors to talk about what person-centred care could look like for us.

This was the first step in starting the conversation about how we can dream big and transform ourselves through enhancing patient and family engagement at a system level and strengthen interactions between health-care providers and patients alike.

“It is through understanding the patient as a whole person that we will become better partners with our patients. This will no doubt lead to better outcomes and experiences for those who depend on us for care, not to mention better experiences for our teams who dedicate so much of themselves to our patients every day.” – Tim Rutledge, President and CEO