At Kensington Health, quality improvement is an integral part of everything we do. Employees are encouraged to continuously look for ways to improve processes and initiate new projects to enhance the experience of people in our care. This commitment within our organization made participating in Change Day Ontario a natural fit. An idea that was initiated by one of our employees flourished into an amazing Change Day pledge.

It Started with an Idea

Zelda Bernardo is a Registered Nurse who’s been working at Kensington Health for 16 years. In 2017, she noticed that the nursing team did not have specific supplies readily available to provide care to residents who were approaching end-of-life.

Zelda came up with the idea of putting together end-of-life care kits to ensure the nursing team had everything they needed on-hand to provide care and symptom management. The kits allow nurses to fully dedicate their time to residents, and drastically reduce the amount of time needed to gather supplies.

Since implementation, the end-of-life kits are continuing to evolve. Recently, the nursing team added a special mouth-spray to prevent dryness and give comfort to residents to improve quality of care.

The Impact of Change Day

For Change Day, Zelda pledged to “recognize differences and preferences of residents and incorporate them into their plan of care for a better delivery and quality of life.”

Since her pledge, Zelda has become a quality champion for providing end-of-life care at Kensington and has inspired the team to recognize opportunities to improve symptom management at the end-of-life.

This year, Zelda has led the charge in developing a new clinical assessment tool for palliative care end-of life management at Kensington Health. Her quality leadership was recognized by the Ontario Long-Term Care Association (OLTCA), and Zelda is a recipient of the 2018 OLTCA Clinical Support Tool Excellence Award.

“Simple things make a big difference,” said Zelda, who is very excited to post her new Change Day pledge for 2018. “Your pledge should help guide you in your role. If you’re passionate about what you do, you will end up satisfied and happy.”

Zelda’s project was one of 14 quality improvement initiatives featured at last year’s Kensington Health Quality Day, a dedicated day for staff to showcase their accomplishments and improvements from the past year. The event is one of the ways in which Kensington Health is continuing to build a culture of quality throughout the organization.

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