Last year, William Osler Health System (Osler) was one of the most active hospitals in Change Day Ontario. The momentum we gained from our 2017 pledge helped us to make inroads on an important Patient Identification organizational quality objective, and helped to bring focus to many of our teams and their efforts. We are pleased to be participating in Change Day Ontario in 2018 and feel it’s an important quality improvement initiative.

We understand that many small steps can go a long way in improving any industry. Healthcare is no different.

Improving safe, quality care will always have a positive and powerful impact on patient experience. This thinking not only aligns with Change Day Ontario’s system-wide objective, but also with Osler’s internal objective. This is one of the reasons we created a simple Change Day goal this year with an Osler pledge of “Introduce yourself and your role to patients–100% of the time.” This pledge is geared towards everyone who works at Osler given we all interact with patients and visitors throughout our day.

Osler identified this pledge in direct consultation with leaders, physicians, staff, patients and families. We heard from our community about the importance of introductions and we acted to make a change. When answering the phone, greeting a patient or visitor, entering a room, or before performing a test – our goal is to have everyone at Osler introduce themselves, and their role. We know this simple act can go a long way and make a positive change.

Many staff and physicians have signed up for our 2018 Change Day pledge. At the writing of this article, we had over 231 people join, 137 comments, and 17 likes. We hope to have more and will continue to talk about the importance of always introducing yourself and your role long after Change Day has ended.

We look forward to many more Change Days in the future–improving healthcare across the system happens with small, meaningful discussions. We are happy to join the conversation.