Why did you join Change Day Ontario?

For the second year in a row, CorHealth Ontario is proud to be part of Change Day Ontario. Change Day Ontario has been a great reminder that we are part of a global healthcare community trying to make a difference by collaborating to achieve shared goals. At CorHealth Ontario, we aim to advance cardiac, stroke, and vascular care, with a specific focus on improved quality. In this way, there is alignment between our vision and the vision of Change Day Ontario.

What was your pledge?

Our pledge is to reduce our carbon footprint and promote the importance of personal health and well-being by cleaning up the environment around our offices and encouraging healthy activities. CorHealth Ontario’s pledge is grounded in our five core values: Work as a Team, Create Energy, Be Accountability, Be Role Models, and Embrace Learning. It is also rooted in our mandate, which spans cardiac, stroke, and vascular care in the province.

How was your pledge/or Change Day brought to life within your organization?

CorHealth Ontario’s pledge was embraced and brought to life throughout the organization by making it accessible in our schedule. We set-up calendar reminders each week for a 15-minute clean-up walk around the office to pick up litter and recyclables. In addition, we worked to raise awareness of recycling, green bin usage, and saving energy throughout the office.

What was the impact created from your pledge/or participation in Change Day?

We were able to take a few moments a week together to implement positive change in our community. It helped connect everyone to the bigger picture and to “walk-the-walk’ in making a difference. Working together as a team has encouraged continuous awareness of taking care of our environment and has encouraged us to be better employees and work towards delivering on our vision of the best cardiac, stroke and vascular care for all Ontarians.