OntarioMD is fully supporting and participating in the Change Day Ontario movement! Dr. Darren Larsen has been a champion of the movement, involving his team at OntarioMD by creating captivating videos and encouraging individuals to pledge for change. He sees Change Day pledges as anything that can positively affect the workplace experience and culture. These pledges can be large, where an entire organization works together for change, or they can be personal, where you individually pledge for change that can impact your daily life. No matter what you pledge, you’re doing your part in collectively creating positive change!

To inspire others, the Ontario MD team created a video featuring some inspiring Change Day pledges from OntarioMD team members, including:

Peter has pledged to create a safer workspace by organizing a day to clean up the halls. By organizing the office equipment and conference supplies that get left in the hallways into a new orderly system, there will be safer access to exits and a more professional and friendly appearance. By bringing the team together to clean, Peter initiated a small, simple change which created a safer work environment.

Gina’s EMR Practice Enhancement Program team pledged to increase awareness in prevention and screening across Ontario. On November 17th, the team is meeting with organizations and individuals from around the province who do similar work to create better standardized workflow and information. They’re hoping to bring awareness to prevention and screening to physicians across Ontario and ultimately improve patient care.

Mike is pledging to promote the practice of keeping patient and family voices and experiences top of mind in everything they do, and all of the decisions they make. To promote this commitment, Mike is going to be collecting over 150 stories of patients and family experiences within the health care system by New Year’s Eve. Mike’s commitment to patients and their families will bring their stories forward, opening the door to better patient care.

Watch this video to learn more: