Darla Matheson, Director of Quality and Risk, Kensington Health

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”

I cannot think of a better quote to sum up the last 15 years of working at Kensington Health. From the day I started as a staff educator, to years later, now as the Director of Quality and Risk, I feel the remarkable warmth that exists within our organization. I am proud to get Kensington Health involved in an initiative like Change Day. I truly believe that no matter the size of your organization, every little change can help to collectively improve compassionate quality health care.

Kensington Health is a non-profit health care organization based in Toronto. We provide a diverse range of services including long-term care, residential hospice and community care, cancer screening, ophthalmology, diagnostic imaging, and eye tissue processing for transplant. We are committed to providing our patients, residents, clients, and their families with the best quality health care experience.

Darla Matheson, Director of Quality and Risk (right) and Philip Bernard, Quality Committee Member and Clinical Assistant at Kensington Eye Institute (left).


Quality Day

We held our first Quality Day on September 27, 2017. A team of employees from all seven of our entities met on a regular basis for four months to plan the day. Directors and Managers were the cheerleaders to support their staff in submitting a poster presentation and promoting the day in their entity.  We wanted Quality Day to be a fun way to learn more about what quality improvement is and how we can implement it in every aspect of the work we do.

We were fortunate to welcome guest speaker, Dr. Joshua Tepper, President and CEO of Health Quality Ontario to lead one of the sessions. Dr. Tepper spoke from his heart and inspired everyone in the room to continue to do their best every day.

One of the most impressive parts of Quality Day were the 14 quality improvement posters our staff prepared for display. Each group chose one or more process that they had improved on over the past year. Even the Residents’ Council in our long-term care home presented two posters of quality programs they initiated and implemented.

To compliment the event, we created a Quality Day newsletter and included tools staff can use to enhance quality, such as the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycle.

Kensington Health staff sharing their high spirit attitudes on quality improvement.

We want to keep the momentum from Quality Day going! We are in the process of holding an information session encouraging staff to submit their own Change Day pledges before the November 17th culmination of Ontario’s Change Day campaign.

We know quality improvement is an integral part of our role in health care, and are planning to connect Ontario’s Change Day with our annual Kensington Health Quality Day tradition.

We want our staff to remember that a small change can help to collectively improve health care quality in our organization and in the health care system overall.