Maxwell Hamlyn, RPN, President RPNAO Board of Directors

There are 50,000 Registered Practical Nurses in Ontario, making RPNs the second largest group of regulated health professionals in the Ontario health care system. As the RPN professional association, the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario knows firsthand the passion and energy that Ontario’s RPNs have for compassionate quality care. As a result, when we first learned of Change Day Ontario, we felt compelled to get involved.

RPNs change people’s lives every day with their knowledge and skill and they often know what needs to be done to make things even better. We encourage all RPNs to take part in Change Day Ontario by making a pledge towards taking a small or large action to make a positive difference.

Some of our members have already made inspiring pledges, including: “to bring awareness and change to the issue of workplace violence through daily messages, tweets and postings. I will seek to provide tools and education to my co-workers and fellow nurses to make a difference.”

Another RPN has pledged to “advocate for compassionate quality care for those who suffer from addictions and mental health challenges by actively working to break down barriers caused by stigmatizing stereotypes and prejudices. One of the ways that I’m going to do this is to tell the stories of real people who have experienced inequity and disrespect in our health care system, and the impact that has had on their lives.”

We couldn’t be prouder. As for the RPNAO, we’ve also made our pledge. We know that great teamwork leads to great patient care. When team members are clear about everyone’s role on the team, the team is able to work more effectively. This way, patients and their families get the best that every team member has to offer. Our association has done research that indicates that quite often people need more information about the role of the RPNs on their team. This is what led the RPNAO Board of Directors to make a Change Day Ontario pledge to each tell three people by November 17th how we have used our nursing knowledge and skill to make a difference in someone’s life. We think that the best way to help people to understand the RPN role better is to give them real life examples from our own practice.

If you are an RPN, please make your pledge at or join our pledge and help to spread to word!

Change Day Ontario is a chance to become part of a grassroots movement that inspires people within the health care system to act on changes that they feel passionate about. We want to encourage every RPN in Ontario to make a Change Day pledge. The answer is closer than you think and the difference is you!